Table Top Role-Playing Game Tasting Club (Registration)

Table Top Role-Playing Game Tasting Club (Registration)

Wednesday, July 31

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Ages 8-18

Love D&D? Try out three other tabletop roleplaying games to explore new settings and mechanics. We will do two sessions each of Mausritter, Pirate Borg, and FIST.

You must be able to make it to both sessions of at least one game; please let us know what you prefer when you register. Due to space restrictions, we may only be able to place you in one of the three games.

Registration is required and is strictly limited – Email, call (914) 693-6615 or stop by the Children’s Room to register.

  • Mausritter: Inspirations: Redwall, The Secret of NIMH, Lord of the Rings.  tep into the shoes of a brave little mouse and explore the great, big world! Use your wits and teamwork to survive dangerous challenges and defeat powerful foes. Survive long enough and you may become heroes of legend! If you are new to roleplaying games or D&D looks too complex, Mausritter is a great introduction for players of all ages.
  • Pirate Borg: Inspirations: Pirates of the Caribbean, works of HP Lovecraft, The Secret of Monkey Island. Explore the undead-infested Dark Caribbean in search of treasure and infamy. Find treasure, bury it, and search for someone else’s hidden loot. Steal a ship, fight the British, and flee from the unknowable terrors of the deep. Be the filthy, greedy scoundrel you always wanted to be and live the pirate life!
  • FIST: Inspirations: Your favorite action heroes, spy movies, and Saturday morning cartoons. Take on the role of a paranormal mercenary and fight the battles no one else can. As a member of the Freelance Infantry Strike Team, you can expect to: prevent an Alien plot to brainwash the planet, battle legions of laser dinosaurs from the future, and rescue the President from a space volcano lair (again). Use your brains, tools, and a near-infinite supply of cool sunglasses to defend the world!