Dobbs Ferry Public Library Display Case

Bite Sized Art Show


Come see the Bite Sized Art Show by May Burnett at the Dobbs Ferry Library!May Burnett is an artist and educator from Dobbs Ferry, New York.

“Crafting miniatures enables me to construct intricate worlds and snapshots of my imagination. I enjoy expanding my skill set and exploring new techniques to enhance the detail and expressiveness of my creations. Participating in HGTV’s Biggest Little Christmas Showdown alongside my friend, Darren Scalla, provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow miniaturists and put my creative abilities to the test. Sharing art on a small scale allows for a unique form of connection with others, which is why I showcase my miniatures on platforms like Etsy and occasionally exhibit them outside in the wild for observant viewers to discover.”

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Application for Gallery Showing