Two banners, side by side, one in English and Spanish. The English one says "Adventure Begins at Your Library" and the Spanish one says "La aventura comienza en tu biblioteca." The accompanying illustration features a camper reading with a ghost at a campefire.

What is the Summer Reading Game?
Every year, the Dobbs Ferry Library joins libraries around the world encouraging kids to read during their school break. Kids ages 3 to 12 are eligible for our children’s summer reading game. Kids below the age of 3 are encouraged to sign up for our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge.

Two Ways to Participate
Track the Time You Spend Reading This Summer
      1. Use our online log at ReadSquared to set a goal for yourself and earn prizes!
      2. Sign up for an account at
      3. Set a goal for how much you’d like to read. The minimum goal is 5 hours over the course of the summer.
      4. Read! For every minute you read and log, you get 1 point.
      5. (optional) Attend programs! For every program you attend and log, you get 75 points. See our calendar for the full list of programs.
      6. For every 10% of your goal that you reach, you get a prize from the treasure chest! Readers who complete their goal will get a free book from our book sale at the end of the summer.

Enter the Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Challenge
      1. Pick up or print a Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Map (link coming soon).
      2. Follow a path on the map, reading a book of any format in each designated category as you travel across the island.
      3. Earn an activity kit or toy by forging a path less than 15 spaces long; earn an extra free book for paths longer than 15 spaces.

Do I have to read anything specific?
Nope! If you want to do the Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Challenge, you must read certain genres but have the freedom to pick whatever you want within those categories. There are buckets containing slips with book recommendations that you can check out in the children’s room if you’re stuck. Otherwise, read whatever you want!

If you’re looking for the Dobbs Ferry School District’s reading lists, you can find them below:
      • Springhurst suggested reading list, grades 1 & 2 [COMING SOON]
      • Springhurst suggested reading list, grades 3 & 4 [COMING SOON]
      • Springhurst suggested reading list, grade 5 [COMING SOON]

What are some of the events I should attend?
You can check our calendar for a full listing of events but a list of highlights is below. Registration is required for all of the following programs! Email to sign up.

  • Wednesday, June 26th at 2pm: Summer Reading Kickoff. Come to the library to watch Disney Pixar’s Up, make your own adventure book, and take a balloon home to hype yourself up.
  • Wednesdays, July 10th-August 14th, 3-6pm: TTRPG Tasting Club. Love D&D? Try out three other tabletop roleplaying games to explore new settings and mechanics. We will do two sessions each of Mythic Bastionland (Arthurian legend-inspired), Pirate Borg (pirates in an eldritchly corrupted Caribbean), and Into the Odd (hunt for arcana in the Victorian era). You must be able to make it to both sessions of at least one game.
  • Thursdays, July 11th-August 8th at 4:15pm: Adventures In Improv. Embark on a journey of creativity and spontaneity with River’s Edge Theatre Company! Adventures in Improv encourages young actors of all levels to develop the fundamental principles of improv – teamwork, active listening, quick thinking, and fearless self expression. From imaginative storytelling to hilarious character creation, each class offers a new adventure in an inclusive and supportive environment. Recommended for ages 6-10. Taught by Katie Kopajtic.
  • Tuesday, July 16th, at 10:30am: “Adventure Begins At Your Library! A Sensory-Friendly Music, Dance and Comedy Show” with Mr. Matt “The Turtle Man.” Come join the beloved Children’s Music Youtuber Mr. Matt “The Turtle Man” for an awesome music concert! The show features wonderful classic and original children’s songs and tales that engage children with songs, comedy, music technology and a little bit of swashbuckling! Join us for this novel 30-minute performance which will be accompanied by visual and sensory experiences. The show is crafted to be inclusive for all children, including children on the Autism Spectrum, and a great time for parents and caregivers! For all ages.
  • August 8th & 13th at 4:00pm: Minecraft Workshops. Join TD3 Innovative Gaming for a fun, in-person Minecraft gaming experience at the library! Bring a laptop (or request one to borrow) to play through a dinosaur safari on August 8th or jump into Water Park Mayhem on August 13th. For ages 6 to 14.
  • Friday, August 16th, 2-3pm: End of Summer Reading Finale Party. Close out the summer at our annual finale party, where we’ll play games and enjoy FREE ice cream from Penny Lick in Hastings! Everyone is welcome, whether or not you achieved your reading goal this summer. For all ages.

I have a question and/or I need help! Who should I contact?
Stop by the children’s room Monday-Friday to speak to Ms. Gina, call (914) 693-6615, or email her at