Libraries play an important and unique role in promoting community awareness about resilience, climate change and a sustainable future. They are also leading by example by taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. 

-American Library Association

The Board and Staff of the Dobbs Ferry Public Library are committed to sustainability as one of our core values.  Together with the Village of Dobbs Ferry administration and the Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force, we are working to find ways to support sustainabIe initiatives in our community.

The Dobbs Ferry Public Library Solar Project

History: Undertaken in May of 2013 and completed in August 2013 the project was funded 50% by a Grant from NYSERDA and 50% from public funds. It includes 74 solar panels and 3 inverters, to convert the solar energy into usable electricity.

The system:

  • Produces about 10% of the Library’s energy needs.
  • Reduces the use of greenhouse gases (Carbon Gas)
  • Shows that Dobbs Ferry is leading the way in the conservation of our environment.


This screen shows:

  • The amount of Carbon Gas that is prevented from entering the atmosphere by the Library’s use of solar energy.
  • The miles you would have to drive in an average car to expend the Carbon Gas
  • The money saved by the library’s use of solar energy.



This screen shows:

  • The percentage of solar energy between 0 and 12kWh.
  • On a cloudy day the solar system will produce less energy, say between 0 and 4kWh.
  • On a sunny day the system could produce as much as 20kWh.




This screen shows:

  • In graph form, the amount of energy being created by  the Library solar panels, each hour for a 24 hour period.