Grab Bag Movie Night: “Amistad” – Juneteenth Special

Grab Bag Movie Night: "Amistad" - Juneteenth Special

Friday, June 7

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Action! Comedy! Thriller! Fantasy! Anything goes in our Grab Bag movie series!

This month’s feature is: Amistad

Juneteenth special – In 1839, slaves aboard the Spanish schooner Amistad revolt and take control of the ship, only to be later captured by the United States Revenue-Marine. A fierce battle ensues in the courts of America to determine their fate; free people or slaves. Directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring an all-star cast; based on a true story.

1997 – 152 min – Rated R (violence / nudity) Recommended for ages 16+