Cult Classic Movie Night’s Summer Road Series Part I: Vanishing Point

Cult Classic Movie Night's Summer Road Series Part I: Vanishing Point

Friday, July 12

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Summertime is the best time to hit the road… or watch a Cult Classic about hitting the road!  Join us for the first installment in our July/August “Summer Road Series” with Vanishing Point (1971/Rated R/99 min/Action, Crime, Thriller)!

summary: Vietnam War hero Kowalski (Barry Newman) has become a pill-addicted driver for hire. Transporting a car from Colorado to California, he enlivens the journey by making a wager with his drug dealer: If the trip takes under 15 hours, Kowalski’s latest amphetamine purchase is free. But Kowalski’s recklessness on the road results in a much-publicized police chase. Radio jock Super Soul (Cleavon Little) covers the pursuit and turns Kowalski, who refuses to pull over, into a martyr for freedom.

Stay after the movie for our always lively Film Discussion where we’ll share trivia and have fun prizes!

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