2024 Children’s Summer Reading Game (June 26 to August 16)

2024 Children's Summer Reading Game (June 26 to August 16)

Sunday, July 28

All Day

Kids ages 3 to 12 are eligible for our children’s summer reading game. This page will tell you everything you need to know about participating – Kids below the age of 3 are encouraged to sign up for our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge.

Two Ways to Participate:
Track the Time You Spend Reading This Summer
1. Use our online log at ReadSquared to set a goal for yourself and earn prizes!
2. Sign up for an account at https://dobbsny03.readsquared.com/
3. Set a goal for how much you’d like to read. The minimum goal is 5 hours over the course of the summer.
4. Read! For every minute you read and log, you get 1 point.
5. (optional) Attend programs! For every program you attend and log, you get 75 points. See our calendar for the full list of programs.
6. For every 10% of your goal that you reach, you get a prize from the treasure chest! Readers who complete their goal will get a free book from our book sale at the end of the summer.

Enter the Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Challenge
1. Pick up or print a Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Map (link coming soon).
2. Follow a path on the map, reading a book of any format in each designated category as you travel across the island.
3. Earn an activity kit or toy by forging a path less than 15 spaces long; earn an extra free book for paths longer than 15 spaces.

I have a question and/or I need help! Who should I contact?
Stop by the children’s room Monday-Friday to speak to Ms. Gina, call (914) 693-6615, or email her at childrens@dobbsferrylibrary.org.