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Local Artist James Kiberd
On display through June 25, 2018

I believe in an Art that brings us to our senses; that is through our senses that we come to experience. Through our experience that we come to thought, through our thought that we come to knowledge. If that knowledge withstands the test of the senses we come to a wisdom that spurs a culture to a greater purpose than self celebration. I believe in an art that serves a purpose. A mirror for society, an art that resonates the structure of the culture that produced it; to see ourselves as we are and to imagine what we want to be. An art that brings us to our senses gives us the tools to do both. I believe in an art of beauty. To grow we must live with difficult challenges. An art of beauty seduces us into facing our most difficult truths. Giotto in "The Arena Chapel", Goya in the "Execution of May 3", Velazquez in "The Maids of Honor", Picasso in "Guernica", Rothko in "The Houston Chapel". We fear and shun the dark side of ourselves; the shadows of our personas. Yet without shadow, with only light, we cannot see. With both our light and dark sides we are whole. An art that can bring our pains and joys to our senses in a moment gives us a place of beauty from which to grow.

I remember my mother drawing. Drawing me. I was three or four? What struck me was stillness. Firstly, how still she wanted me to be. But more importantly how still she was. Still, but with such intensity. It was a stillness that transformed me. Transformed her. I had never seen her this way. Transformed me. I had never been so still yet in that stillness my mind moved even faster. Transformed us. It's the first time I remember doing something solely for another person. Being still, not moving seemed such a strange thing to be doing. Yet in those moments I was aware of something so special happening. In that stillness she seemed to bring herself totally to her senses, she drew. At that moment of giving herself up to her senses creation began. And to be in that moment was for me a miracle. It was a place where time seemed to stop and life could begin. It was a place I longed to visit ..... Still.

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