Policy for Public Use of Library Facilities

To further its mission, the Dobbs Ferry Public Library’s building and grounds are maintained to provide library service to residents and other members of the Dobbs Ferry Community. The Board of Trustees makes them available to the community for uses that will enhance the library’s role as an essential community resource. Programs scheduled in the library’s facilities shall not impede the delivery of regular public library service.
Permission to use the meeting rooms does not constitute Library endorsement of the policies, beliefs or goals of the program sponsor, nor shall any advertisement or publicity indicate endorsement or sponsorship by the Library without prior approval of the Board of Trustees or its Designee, the Library Director.
The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to approve or disapprove each application for the use of its facilities. It may impose such restrictions it judges appropriate for a particular program or use. The Library Director shall be authorized to implement procedures for the use of library facilities consistent with this Board-approved policy.
The Board may cancel any planned event when it is deemed to be in the interest of the Library to do so. Failure to observe regulations governing the use of the meeting rooms may result in denial of use in the future.
1.Facilities are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and are available at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Dobbs Ferry Public Library or its Designee.
2.Library activities and those the library jointly sponsors with other organizations will have first priority in scheduling. Where possible, scheduling preference will be given to applicants based in Dobbs Ferry.
3.Library facilities may be made available to non-library organizations for the pursuit of social, cultural, educational, recreational and non-partisan political activities. Religious organizations are eligible to schedule meetings but they may not hold worship or instructional services at the library.
4.Unless approved by the Director, use of Library meeting facilities by an individual or organization shall not exceed five times per year.

Application Requirements

1.Applications for use of the library’s facilities when the library is not open to the public must be signed by the President or authorized officer of the organization or business requesting use of the facility. If applicant is an individual, (s)he must agree to be financially responsible for the event and library facility. If the applicant is a youth group or organization, a responsible adult over the age of 18 years must co- sign application.
2.Room-use fees should be paid at the time the application is approved but no later than one week prior to the program/event.
3.Applicant must agree to have an authorized adult representative in attendance who shall supervise all persons upon the premises to ensure that the event is conducted in a safe and orderly manner and that none engage in unlawful or improper conduct.
4.Applicant must agree to accept full responsibility for the facilities and to comply with all regulations governing its use. This binds the applicant and organization, if any, to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Dobbs Ferry Public Library from and against any and all claims of injury, death and/or property loss or damage arising from any condition of the premises, or any acts or omissions of the applicant or organization or others in connection with the program or event.
5.The Library reserves the right to require insurance for an event.
6.The applicant is liable for any damage done to the premises, its furnishings or equipment.
7.The Library may require applicants who will use the meeting room’s audio visual facilities to deposit a check for $500 as a security deposit, to be returned after the event if there is no damage.

Requirements for Facilities Use

1.There will be no smoking. An applicant who wishes to serve alcohol must obtain prior approval from the library and must provide the library with a copy of the proper permit if it will be sold.
2.Applicant must provide all supplies, food, paper goods and service utensils, other than items included on equipment list.
3.Existing exhibitions displayed in the Meeting Room will be closed to the public when it has been reserved for a program. Objects on display may not be moved or disturbed.
4.The applicant must restore the premises to their original condition immediately after they have been used with all trash bagged for removal.
5.Program publicity is the applicant’s responsibility, though the Library may include program notices in its regular publication and on its website. Inclusion of non-library programs in library publications and on the library website is strictly at the discretion of the Library.
6.In case of emergency building closure, the program will be cancelled and the applicant will be offered the opportunity to reschedule or to have room fees refunded.

Rental Fees
1.Nonprofit organizations holding events open to the public at no cost to attendees and that take place when the library is open pay no rental fees or personnel costs.
2.Nonprofit organizations holding events open to the public at no cost to attendees and that take place when the library is closed pay no rental fees but must pay any excess personnel costs.
3.All other applicants must pay both rental fees and any excess personnel costs. This includes:
a.Regularly scheduled member/board meetings of nonprofit organizations that are not open to the public
b.Meetings/events held by nonprofit organizations that are open to the public but that charge a fee to attend
c.Private events and/or meetings
d.All other uses not otherwise specified
All applicants will be charged for equipment not already installed in the library rented for his/her use.

Application must be made on the form provided by the Library and must include the following information:
*Purpose of the event
*Expected number of attendees, which must be consistent with the Fire Department's limits for that space
*Total estimated time on premises, including time of first arrival for advance preparation and time of departure, including mandatory clean up by applicant
*Organization must verify local and/or non-profit tax status and provide an insurance certificate upon Library request
*Individual applicants must produce a Dobbs Ferry Library card or proof of a Dobbs Ferry residence or business address upon Library request

Following the use of the facility, the applicant is required to provide to the Library Director the number of people who attended the event.


Dobbs Ferry Public Library has a Community Room, a Conference Room, and the Periodicals Room and Terrace on the first floor of the Library available to reserve or rent for individuals and organizations at modest cost. The Library also offers gallery space for exhibits.
Maximum Capacity: 75

Facilities & Equipment
Seating for 75
10 square foot movie screen
VCR/DVD players
Laptop computer
Digital Film Projector with Surround Sound Speakers
Estonia Baby Grand Piano
Slide Projector
Cassette Player
Microphones: Handheld and Lapel
Hearing enhancement system
Use of Kitchen: refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot

During Library Hours:
* 0-3 hours $75
* each additional hour or part thereof: $25
* piano rental: $20
After Library Hours:
* 0-3 hours $150
* each additional hour or part thereof: $75
* use of laptop computer for meeting: $20

Maximum Capacity: 40

Facilities & Equipment
Lounge seating for 12
Table seating for 20
Standing for 40
Surround Sound Speakers
Microphones: Handheld and Lapel
Use of Kitchen: refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot

Available only after Library Hours:
* 0-3 hours $300
* each additional hour or part thereof: $100
* use of laptop computer for meeting: $20

Maximum Capacity: 12

Facilities & Equipment
Seating for up to 12 people

Available only during Library hours:
0-2 hours $25
Does not include use of any other amenity.
Please note: NO food or drinks

Additional fees for piano tuning, if desired, are payable directly to a piano tuner approved in advance by the Library Director.
Use of AV equipment is limited to trained AV specialists approved by the Library Director in advance. Additional fees for an AV specialist, if desired, are to be paid to the Library by the organization one week in advance at the rate of $20 per hour.
Fees are due one week in advance of the event, include use of room and kitchen only. No food, serving utensils or paper products are provided.
The library is not responsible for connecting or troubleshooting personal computers, electronic, or communication equipment brought to the library by room users.

Security deposits are required by all groups against late cancellations, damages and losses. Any organization requesting the use of the library facilities must pay the following refundable security deposits at least one week prior to the scheduled event.

For each individual use of:
*Conference Room $50
*Community Room $50
*Periodicals Room & Terrace $100
*Piano $100
*AV equipment $100

For example, use of both Community Room and piano requires a $150 deposit.

Failure to provide deposit will result in the cancellation of approval for the use of the facility. Security deposits are due one week prior to the event. Security deposits must be paid in cash, or check made out to the Dobbs Ferry Public Library.


Full refund: In order to allow other groups reasonable opportunity to use the meeting rooms, the Library requires a minimum of 7 days notice for cancellation of a reservation.
Partial refund: For cancellations less than 7 days in advance of the meeting date, the library will deduct an administrative fee of $25 from the refunded amount.
No refund: Fee is forfeited if Library receives notice of cancellation less than 24 hours in advance of reservation or if the group does not show for scheduled reservation. The library does not assume responsibility for posting signs about cancellations.
The Library Director or the Board of Trustees of the Library reserve the right to cancel an event without notice, in their sole discretion, in the event of a building emergency or other emergency, or due to inclement weather. In the event of such cancellation, security deposits will be returned. Applicant agrees to waive any claim for damages due to such cancellation.

Approved 5/8/18

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